Mr. Sayler's Lesson Plans

Week of:  May 7


Algebra I Calculus Geometry 8th Math Algebra II Pre-Calculus
10.5 - 10.7 Quiz

Quiz over probability
Review 13.1  Permuations & Combinations

To solve counting problems
Chapter 1 Test

Test over equations
Linear Quiz

Quiz over linear equations & functions
Chapter 10 Review Cumulative Final 13.1 cont. Go Over Test Complex Numbers Cumulative Final
Chapter 10 Test

Test over statistics & probability
Go Over Final

Hand in Books
13.2  Probability

To find the theoretical & experimental probability
4.1  Identifying Linear Functions

To identify a linear function
Solving Quadratic Equations Go Over Final

Hand in Books
Go Over Test

Cumulative Review Wkst
  13.3  Indep. & Dependent Events

To find the probability of independent & dependent events
4.2  Intercepts

To find the intercepts of a linear function
Graphing Quadratic Functions  
Review   13.1 - 13.3 Quiz

Quiz over counting problems & probability
4.3  Slope

To find the rate of change or slope of a linear function
Exponential & Logarithmic Functions  

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